Alpha Vet Tech welcomes Christѐle Borgeaud to our Switzerland Team

Christѐle (PhD Zoology & Biology) joins the Alpha Vet Tech in Switzerland.

After a Master degree in Biology at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, Christѐle worked as one of the managers at the Meerkat Project in South Africa. Christѐle then started her PhD, which focused on the strategic behaviours of wild vervet monkeys in South Africa, and simultaneously coordinated the project, which included up to 17 people.

Thanks to her experience in project coordination and management, Christѐle was given the opportunity to remain in South Africa for another two years and help out and train students and volunteers who worked at the project. Since Christѐle returned to Switzerland she is operating as a scientific mediator at the biggest fresh water aquarium-vivarium in Europe and also as administrative assistant in a big company which produces dental implants.

Christѐle is very interested in scientific and environmental education.

“My most important field of interest is animal welfare and I am sure that Alpha Vet Tech will bring a huge contribution to this field.”

Christѐle Borgeaud

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