Collaborative Research Project on Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Alpha Vet Tech and Possumwood Wildlife Recovery and Research Inc. have entered into a collaboration on a potentially game-changing research project that will pave the way towards quantifying physiological and behavioural stress in eastern grey kangaroos.

Wires volunteers brought an 11 month old Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey to Possumwood to receive specialised treatment from the veterinary care team.

The significance of stress in wildlife is not fully appreciated by rehabilitators, conservation and reserve managers, ecologists and veterinarians. Acute stress in these animals can, without appropriate treatment, progress to chronic stress, renal failure, myopathy and death. Susceptibility to disease in macropods and other native mammals, such as wombats, possums, and koalas, can also be a manifestation of chronic stress.

The wearable ZooSense attached to the kangaroo’s tail provides continuous monitoring of vital signs data, while Dr Audrey and her team conducts an ultrasound.

The research will examine potential correlations between physiological data (provided by WirelessZoo), in conjunction with cortisol collection and behavioural data, to provide much-needed insight into the early detection and treatment of stress in kangaroos.


Possumwood Wildlife Recovery and Research Inc. is the first licenced veterinary hospital totally dedicated to wildlife in NSW, Australia. Professor Steve Garlick (Possumwood co-founder) and Dr Audrey Shen (Aussie Mobile Vet) will lead this  valuable research to assist the global native wildlife community.

For more information about Possumwood Wildlife visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/possumwood.com.au/ or website https://possumwood.com.au/

WirelessZoo attachments come in different sizes and can monitor Kangaroos in their natural environment.

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