Goldie the Chihuahua Pup Checks Out WirelessZoo™ Tech

Goldie, a 16 week old Chihuahua came into the Goulburn Vet Hospital, Australia for a consultation. The WirelessZoo™ technology enabled full monitoring of vital signs without sedation and is non invasive.

Goldie is among the first patients in our Global Pilot Program to test the WirelessZoo™ technology. While Goldie is in Goulburn in rural New South Wales, being examined by Dr Zach, our team in Wollongong, over 150 kilometres away, is able to instantly pick up the vital signs data and feed it into our analytics platform to provide crucial feedback for our development team.

Our team in Wollongong can instantly see vital signs data streamed from Goulburn Vet Hospital, or in fact from any vet practice around the world with WirelessZoo™ technology, thanks to our cloud infrastructure.

In actual fact, distance is not a limiting factor as the WirelessZoo™ platform is built on cloud infrastructure, enabling live data from patients to be streamed to any internet enabled device around the world, allowing many applications and use cases such as telemedicine and vets and hospitals with multiple practices.

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