What is animal telemetry?

Animal telemetry is a sophisticated animal health technology that uses real-time data to track the
movements, behaviours and vital signs of animals as they move through their wild habitats, interact
with stimulus in a clinical setting or undergo veterinarian treatments.

Data is usually collected via an electronic device, or tag, that is attached to the animal. Such devices
often use a series of sensors to collect data and may be linked to satellites to enable GPS tracking.
The device transmits data back to a central computer system for analysis and storage.

How is animal telemetry used?

Scientists use animal telemetry devices to collect and analyse data to better understand a range of
aspects of animal life.

For example, marine biologists use tracking devices to monitor the movements of aquatic species,
better understand the health and function of ecosystems, track breeding cycles, and reveal insights
into the health of our oceans.   

Animal telemetry is also used in veterinarian science to monitor the vital signs of animals during
surgical procedures and throughout their recovery. Some zoologists may also use similar devices to
monitor the health of their animals.

What are the benefits of animal telemetry?

Animal telemetry takes the guesswork out of science and animal health and performance. It gives
scientists and veterinarians access to real- or near-real time data to assist with monitoring animal

This helps to both improve health outcomes for animals, and helps scientists to better understand the
challenges animals face in their constantly changing wild environments.

What is the future of animal telemetry?

Rapidly evolving technology is set to take animal telemetry to the next level and make it accessible for
a wide range of uses.

For example, the WirelessZoo™ platform will allow vets and other animal industry professionals to
wirelessly monitor a range of animal health indicators in real time.

This data will then be uploaded to the cloud to become part of a database of species- and breed-
specific information that vets, animal pharmaceutical and insurance companies, zoologists, cattle
producers and animal performance specialists such as thoroughbred horse trainers can use to inform
how they manage their animals’ health and performance.   

And with new technology making next-gen animal telemetry devices much more affordable than ever
before, they will be accessible to everyone from your small local veterinarian practice to major zoos
and world-leading scientific studies.

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com