Digital Anaesthesia Chart – Save Time and Reduces Stress!

The anaesthesia chart is a requirement by all veterinary boards around the world for record keeping and the paper form hasn’t changed for years.  This is a very time consuming manual activity and the output is a sheet of paper that is usually filed in the cabinet never to see the light of day ever again…

We have digitised the Anaesthesia Chart as an integral part of the WirelessZoo™ platform, making it not only easier to use during surgery, but storing the data for easy retrieval and analysis, paving the way for the vet practice of the future.

We converted the paper chart into an interactive digital version, which can be run on a tablet computer device such as an iPad or Surface Pro.  It captures everything from your surgical monitoring checks, medications, fluids, etc. in an easy intuitive way.  It allows you to be able to review a study interactively with all the data you imputed and review past studies.   The report will be stored with your patient file or in your PMS for easy retrieval and review.

Here you can see the chart in action during a surgery (no sound).

During surgery, in addition to the vital signs data automatically being captured by the ZooSense, other notes and manually recorded data points can be entered using the Digital Anaesthesia Chart on the WirelessZooplatform, which is recorded and can be reviewed later in a complete timestamped series, providing a comprehensive health record for the patient.

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