Bridging the gap between animal welfare and data!

Alpha Vet Tech and Greyhounds as Pets have collaborated on a research project to analyse and correlate a Greyhounds behaviour response as it transitions from being a racing dog to an adopted pet. Prioritising advocacy and welfare of the greyhound, the research will focus on observational behaviour and correlating this data with the animal’s biological … Read more

ZooSnap Is Here!

ZooSnap sharing live data on a mobile phone

This latest innovation from the team at Alpha Vet Tech will allow for even more timely and critical monitoring.

An Introduction to WirelessZoo™

Currently, monitoring can be wired, visual or both. But there are problems: wired monitoring not only needs constant re-positioning but is also invasive and stressful for animals and visual monitoring can tie up staff and could miss a serious incident.

Animals are part of the family. So, in a data-driven world why shouldn’t animals benefit from the same healthcare advancements as humans?

WirelessZoo™ is designed for vets and pets to make monitoring easier and it is solving the problems of wired and visual monitoring. Click below to watch the video.

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Alpha Vet Tech to Locate Global HQ in Cambridge, UK

AVT is excited to announce that we will be expanding our global operations to the UK. Our new Global Headquarter will be located at the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge

Read the full article from the Cambridge Network:

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British Flag Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash