ZooSnap Is Here!

ZooSnap sharing live data on a mobile phone

This latest innovation from the team at Alpha Vet Tech will allow for even more timely and critical monitoring.

An Introduction to WirelessZoo™

Currently, monitoring can be wired, visual or both. But there are problems: wired monitoring not only needs constant re-positioning but is also invasive and stressful for animals and visual monitoring can tie up staff and could miss a serious incident.

Animals are part of the family. So, in a data-driven world why shouldn’t animals benefit from the same healthcare advancements as humans?

WirelessZoo™ is designed for vets and pets to make monitoring easier and it is solving the problems of wired and visual monitoring. Click below to watch the video.

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com

Alpha Vet Tech to Locate Global HQ in Cambridge, UK

AVT is excited to announce that we will be expanding our global operations to the UK. Our new Global Headquarter will be located at the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge

Read the full article from the Cambridge Network:

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com

British Flag Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

AVT Receives the Certificate of Grant for the Australian Patent

We started the process to obtain the Australian patent for the WirelessZoo™ in 2017.

Four years later we are thrilled to have reached this milestone – the Commissioner of Patents has granted Alpha Vet Tech the Australian patent on 11 February 2021.

This is an exciting step in our journey to revolutionise the animal health industry with our wireless monitoring technology. Our early adopters will be able to experience the ease and efficiency of the newly patented WirelessZoo™ device in the coming months.

Title of invention: Animal monitoring device http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/ols/auspat/applicationDetails.do?applicationNo=2016228129

Patent number: 2016228129

For more information on WirelessZoo™, please visit www.wireless-zoo.com