Introducing Alpha Vet Tech – Switzerland Sàrl!

Following our visit to Switzerland in early 2018, we are delighted to open our new Switzerland company in Canton de Neuchâtel.

Switzerland will be our manufacturing base and deliver the WirelessZoo™ product to our global customers. The Canton is an ideal region for AVT as it supports innovation and provides us with access to key specialised engineering and micro manufacturing technologies.

We choose Switzerland as our manufacturing hub due to its high standards in quality and precision.

Steve Donegal, Managing Director.

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Development and Manufacturing Partners chosen in Switzerland

We were introduced to Cloos Electronic by the Canton de Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Cloos have created some very advanced electronic devices and were impressed with our achievements to date and were excited to bring our product to commercialization.

We presented the Switzerland team with our early prototype and had many discussions on our product development and technology and to what quality we need for commercial release.  This was the start of an amazing collaboration between us, the Canton de Neuchâtel and Cloos Electronic.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Switzerland as our product develops.

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